Proceedings of the 2015 Mayors' Summit


Proceedings of the Workshop
21 July 2015
Vatican City, 2015
E-Pub ahead of print 

Address by Pope Francis


Ending Human Trafficking - An Attempt to Make it an SDG
Margaret Archer, PASS President


Climate Change: The Need for Immediate Action
Veerabhadran Ramanathan, PAS Academician

My story
Karla Jacinto

I Can't Believe I Was a Slave
Ana Laura Perez Jaime – Slave Labour Survivor

Le schiavitù del 21esimo secolo e lo sfruttamento del corpo umano / 21st-Century Slaveries and the Exploitation of the Human Body
Ignazio Marino – Mayor of Rome


The Commitment of New York
Bill de Blasio– Mayor of New York City


Esclavage moderne et changement climatique / On Modern Slavery and Climate Change
Anne Hidalgo – Mayor of Paris


Stockholm – a City Defined by Equality and Sustainability
Karin Wanngård – Mayor of Stockholm 


The California Experience: Combating Climate Change and Protecting the Vulnerable Now!
Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Governor of California


Locating the Fight Against Modern Slavery at the Heart of Efforts to Deliver Sustainable Development
Kevin Hyland – UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner


Quella ‘speciale dignità’ dei cittadini del mondo / The ‘Special Dignity’ of the World’s Citizens
Enzo Bianco – Mayor of Catania (President, ANCI National Council)


Corruption and human trafficking
Manuela Carmena – Mayor of Madrid


Better Cities for Our Common Home
Eduardo da Costa Paes – Mayor of Rio de Janeiro


Urban Food Policy Pact: The Commitment of Mayors for a Sustainable and Equitable Global Food System
Giuliano Pisapia – Mayor of Milan


São Paulo: a retomada do espaço público / São Paulo: The Reclaiming of Public Space
Fernando Haddad – Mayor of São Paulo


La città come bene comune e il paradigma della collaborazione / The City as a Common Good and the Paradigm of Collaboration
Virginio Merola – Mayor of Bologna


Climate Change and Modern Slavery: An Overview of India
Tony Chammany – Mayor of Kochi


L’esperienza delle migrazioni / The Migration Experience
Giusi Nicolini – Mayor of Lampedusa


Changement Climatique et Esclavage Moderne / Climate Change and Modern Slavery
Vincent N’Cho Kouaoh – Deputy Governor of Abidjan


Sviluppo sostenibile e nuovi modelli di welfare comunitario: il ruolo guida delle città / Sustainable Development and New Models of Community Welfare: The Leading Role of the Cities
Giorgio Gori – Mayor of Bergamo


Addressing Climate Change by Building Community Resilience
Mitchell J. Landrieu – Mayor of New Orleans


Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Nigerian Perspective
Beatrice Jedy-Agba – Director-General of NAPTIP, Nigeria


Comunicación de los Movimentos Populares / Communication from the Popular Movements
Charo Castelló – Member of the Organizing Committee of the Meeting of the Popular Movements


Observatory International Democracy Participatory (OIDP) in Matola-Mozambique on 4-6 of May 2016
Calisto Cossa – Mayor of Matola


Firenze, perla del mondo, di fronte alla sfida della necessità / Florence, the World’s Pearl, and the Challenge of Meeting Basic Needs
Dario Nardella – Mayor of Florence


The UK’s High Ambition, Low Carbon European Green Capital
George Ferguson – Mayor of Bristol


Local Solutions to Global Crises: San Francisco’s Actions to Combat Climate Change and Human Trafficking
Edwin Lee – Mayor of San Francisco


Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities. The Experience of Belo Horizonte
Marcio Lacerda – Mayor of Belo Horizonte


Modern Slavery and Resilience to Climate Change
Mpho Parks Tau – Mayor of Johannesburg


A Escravatura Moderna e Mudanças climáticas no contexto local. O Caso da Cidade de Nampula / Modern Slavery and Climate Change in a Local Context. The Case of Nampula City
Mahamudo Amurane – Mayor of Nampula


How Cities Can Lead the Way on Equity and Environmental Justice
Ed Murray – Mayor of Seattle


Acciones locales frente a problemáticas dramáticas: nuevas formas de esclavitud y cambio climático. Rosario en América Latina / Local Actions to Address Tragic Problems: New Forms of Slavery and Climate Change. Rosario in Latin America
Mónica Fein – Mayor of Rosario


La globalizzazione dei diritti e delle persone: il ruolo delle Città / Globalization of Rights and Individuals: The Role of the Cities
Luigi de Magistris – Mayor of Naples


Fifty Years Post Segregation: Modern Day Slavery, Human Rights and the Call to Action for this Generation
William A. Bell – Mayor of Birmingham, Ambassador, Human Rights First


Presentation of City of Oslo’s Work on Reduction of CO2 Emissions and on Avoiding Modern Slavery
Stian Berger Røsland – Mayor of Oslo


Bogotá Humana: Una ciudad que enfrenta el Cambio Climático y se ordena alrededor del agua / The Human Face of Bogotá: A City that Fights against Climate Change
Gustavo Petro – Mayor of Bogotà


The Commitment of Palermo
Leoluca Orlando – Mayor of Palermo


Los gobiernos locales, actores sociales de un nuevo equilibrio global / Local Governments, Social Actors in a New Global Balance
Eduardo Accastello – Mayor of Villa María


Una Città a forma di mondo - l’attenzione dei piccoli gesti quotidiani determina i grandi cambiamenti globali / A World-Like City – Small Local Actions Result in Big Global Changes
Antonio Decaro – Mayor of Bari


Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities

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