Jovana Savic - Serbia

Thank you. I am very happy to be here for a second time and that we all together share our ideas, it is a very inspiring environment. I will be talking about Global Diaspora Youth Entrepreneurship Network. As we all know, brain drain is a challenge for developing countries and because of lack of opportunity and economic instabilities, a lot of young people decide to go to developed countries, to migrate. On the other hand, developing countries are losing a lot because they have a decline in overall economic growth and at the same time they have lower levels on returns of public investments in education and overall life quality. So, our idea, our solution, is to mobilize Junior Youth Entrepreneurs in Diaspora and help them to develop the necessary skills, so they can run entrepreneurial projects in their countries of origin. I think, we believe actually, that our project has a big potential because we are based in Brussels that is a highly international environment. Only the city of Brussels counts more than 163 different nationalities and, personally, I believe, actually, that we, as youth, never lose ties with our countries of origin. My colleagues and I are Youth in Diaspora, so this project is very personal.

So, our idea is that, besides providing youth with business trainings, we would also help them to connect with adequate mentors and serious people who could guide them through the process, from idea to realization. And also connect them with investors, by organizing networking events in Brussels and then a series of events in their countries of origin. We believe that our target group has a big potential because, as Diaspora Youth, they have both experience in living and working in their developing countries and countries of origins and, at the same time, they have an experience in working in developed countries. So, they can really build a bridge and take the best stuff from both environments and avoid misunderstandings and cultural differences.

I was saying that our project has long-term objectives that are definitely boosting job opportunities and economic development in developing countries and also long-term sustainable partnership on the global, but also regional, national, and local levels, as well as empowering youth to take initiative and becoming change makers.

So, we believe that each of us has potential, but the main problem is that distribution of opportunities, educational opportunities, professional opportunities, as well as resources, are really not equally distributed and that there is still a huge gap. We can take even the EU as an example, like between Western countries and South-eastern Europe there is still a wide gap in resources and even quality education. So, if we take our project as an example, I would just like to highlight that we would tackle a few Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). First of all Quality Education and, hopefully, if our project will be successful in one year we will start to initiate and help 50 young people to implement their entrepreneurial projects in developing countries, across the globe, across Europe, but also Latin America, Africa, Asia etc. At the same time, by boosting job creation, we would reduce inequalities and we would provide decent work and economic growth. So, our ultimate goal is actually job creation and decent and transparent work, which puts youth at the centre, and fosters support and cherishes their solutions for achieving SDGs by 2030. Thank you for your attention


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