Declaration of the Youth Meeting in Villa María, Argentina, 9-10 May 2015


Young People Launch an Appeal to the World from Argentina

One of the greatest crimes against humanity in the world today is modern slavery, that is, trafficking, forced or slave labour, prostitution and organ trafficking. The tragedy is taking giant strides and trampling on the dignity and fundamental rights of humanity. We the young people of the world, gathered together in the city of Villa Maria, Argentina, in an urgent appeal to the whole of society, declare that:

Human life is sacred and human dignity is the moral basis of society as a whole: "... Your surplus at present may fill their deficit, and another time their surplus may fill your deficit. So there may be a fair balance" (2 Corinthians 8: 14).

There is only one human family, despite our ethnic, economic, cultural or national differences. We are the protectors of our brothers and sisters without discrimination. Loving one’s neighbour takes on a global nature in an increasingly "small" and inter-connected world: " Then again, I contemplate all the oppression that is committed under the sun. Take for instance the tears of the oppressed. No one to comfort them!" (Ecclesiastes 4: 1).

We are called to protect our people and our Planet, to live our faith in relation to the Earth created by God. This challenge has fundamental moral dimensions. “The spirit of Lord Yahweh is on me for Yahweh has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the news to the afflicted, to soothe the broken-hearted.” (Isaiah 61: 1)

Our request to the young people of the world, to World Leaders and Heads of State

We ask them to consider the following recommendations in the forthcoming discussions at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Goals (post-2015):

1. Combat interregional, cross-border and transnational human trafficking

·       Intensify cooperation among national security forces, customs authorities, civil organizations against trafficking, research institutions and INTERPOL to detect, intercept and combat trafficking of women and children at the national and trans-boundary levels.

·       As a matter of urgency, discuss the creation and funding of a World Anti-Trafficking Agency, within the framework of the United Nations and in coordination with international security institutions and civil society organisations.

·       Combat slave labour with transnational legislation in order to protect universal human and labour rights, particularly those relating to vulnerable groups.

·       Increase international police resources and cooperation in order to achieve a significant raise in the low rates of prosecution and conviction of traffickers.

·       Carry out a broad and comprehensive review of any legislation that might infringe on the fundamental rights of undocumented migrants, especially "temporary work" programs, which are the traffickers’ main pretext for withholding the IDs of those who seek a dignified future and life.

·       Request each state to file a registration report in order to determine the number of nameless or unclaimed people buried in recent years, with the goal of creating an agency with a single register, including a DNA database of missing persons.

2. Fighting the climate crisis and its direct result: structural poverty

·       Promote and advocate for a world with no carbon emissions, sustained entirely by clean and renewable energy sources, which on the one hand alleviate the impacts of climate change, and on the other ensure universal access to energy, which is the main tool in the fight against poverty.

·       Advocate international agreements on environmental refugees to give refugee status to people displaced by climatic factors and promote and improve their legal protection.

·       Improve the living standards of women and consolidate their rights by ensuring access, control and ownership of resources (land, livestock, property and the possibility of revenue) and access to development resources such as loans, information, training, support services and labour-saving technologies, according to their culture.

·       Guarantee that education programmes, as well as those of training, awareness and information address climate vulnerability and the risks of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking in contexts where extreme weather events, economic crises and human trafficking are combined. 

·       Advocate national laws on supply chain transparency, which promote the dignity of workers, climate sustainability, and the prevention of child labour and human trafficking.

3. Discourage the demand for prostitution and other forms of slavery

·       Provide comprehensive monitoring ("brand icon") to prove that the goods sold in the supply chain (such as clothing and electrical goods) are free of forced labour, child labour and labour trafficking.

·       Coordinate with associations working on supply chain transparency in order to launch national advertising campaigns on personal responsibility in the consumption of services based on trafficked labour.

·       Promote a reduction in the demand for prostitution, in its profits and therefore in its supply, through laws and cultural approaches, developing critical domestic pathways that drastically reduce the profitability of trafficking.

·       Develop significant public awareness campaigns on human trafficking in the media, the education system and national cultural policies.

·       Advocate models similar to those adopted in Sweden, Norway and France, which have wide-ranging public policies aiming to reduce demand and repair victims’ rights, and where reintegration and reinsertion into the labour market play a key role, assistance and benefits to victims are not conditional on cooperation with criminal justice systems and solid cultures that discourage the consumption of prostitution are fostered.

4. Increase prevention and prosecution of human trafficking

·       Draw inspiration from the model adopted by the United Kingdom of an Independent Commissioner for Combatting Trafficking and Slavery, with a strictly technical profile and independent of any political party, who has the power to improve best practices in the prevention, detention, investigation and prosecution of traffickers.

·       In the case of countries which have not yet done so, hasten the ratification of the 1957 ILO Convention and the 2000 UN Protocol against Trafficking in Persons, to make human trafficking and forced labour a penal offence with commensurate penalties.

·       Sanction and enact reforms for the criminalization of traffickers, in line with the Palermo Protocol and with ILO Convention no. 29, 1930. Establish policies for the seizure and reallocation of goods from traffickers, for the rehabilitation and compensation of victims.

·       Develop global benchmarks for the support of trafficked victims, including: civil legal aid, secure witness protection, medical and psychological post-traumatic care, and support for individuals from social service agencies.

·       Encourage the prosecution of clients of commercial sexual services offered by prostituted and trafficked people, thus discouraging demand and damaging the profitability of this crime.

5. Helping victim rehabilitation in host countries

·       Require destination countries to: 1) distinguish between victims of trafficking and irregular migrants; 2) undertake greater responsibility for the resettlement of victims, including identification, documentation and humanitarian aid; 3) provide means for victims to choose freely between resettlement and repatriation.

·       Encourage procedures in host countries that enable trafficked victims to make an informed choice on resettlement or repatriation by providing legal, psychological and financial assistance. Provide proper training for staff working with victims, to ensure that victims are treated with dignity and respect.

·       Promote flexible and voluntary resettlement plans in all host countries: health care, language learning, life skills, access to job training, housing, and community integration, making maximum use of the assistance provided by voluntary associations.

·       Allow victims who remain in the host country to obtain temporary residence permits, thus facilitating access to the labour market, and to legal aid, with clear guidance on rights and responsibilities, both in the short and long term.

·       Guarantee that victims who return to their home countries enjoy full civil rights through governmental and non-governmental bilateral agreements.




Abregu Christian Alexis
Aguilera Lelia
Aguirre Soledad
Aguirre Elizabet
Agustina Gambone
Alabarse Sola Meloly
Alamo Irene
Alesso Alexis
Allasia Rozana Valeria
Alustriza Andrea
Alzuarte Flavia Fernanda
Amarilla Laila
Andino Matias
Andrada Brian
Andrada Beatriz
Andrada Rocio
Andreozzi Soledad
Anselmi Jorgelina
Aracena Martin
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Arias Lautaro Emiliano
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Arrietto Valdez Nadia
Audagna Antonela
Aveldaño Paula
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Avila Rocio
Ayala Dorio Mayra Allelen
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Balmaceda Juan José
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Battiston Luisina
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Benitez Maria Jose
Berardo Julieta
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Bernandis Vanina
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Biagioni Jonathan
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Bosio Corina
Bossa Lia
Bossio Enzo
Bracco Luis Adolfo
Brizuela Javer Horacio
Brustio Carlos Nicolas
Buc Camila
Bussetto Fernando
Bustos Tobias
Cabral Silvia
Cabrera Ana Paula
Calderon Estela
Calvelo Tunes Tomas
Caminos Nicolas
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