Joanna Maraszek - Poland

Hello everyone, I am very grateful to be here and hear such inspiring speeches. Do you realize, that in Tajikistan, 7 out of 10 people suffer from energy shortages? I did not even know about it until two months ago, but I realized, and I realized that it has an impact on their lives. How? Because, without energy they cannot surf the Internet, they cannot read books, and they cannot educate, and without education there are no people that can solve this problem of energy shortages. So, we are like in a vicious circle, and how are we going to get out of it? They need our energy to get into it and help them.

So, what are we going to do? We are going to collaborate between our university and Dushanbe University of Technology and we are going to transfer knowledge of renewable energy, energy efficiency and everything connected with power, to let them know how to create their own projects. So, at the beginning, we will encourage professors, PhDs, to join the project and create workshops: a full program of education for the Tajik students. And what they are going to do next is that they will create projects on their own, so they can find out what energy source is the most effective in this part of world. I believe that in this deep research then they will learn the most of what is important in Energy Engineering, what I’m studying now. And what will come next is that with their projects they are going to create the idea of how to light up a library, which we will sponsor for them.

In this project the most important thing is partnership, because we believe that in this partnership between Polish students and Tajik students, we’re going to create a vision of how to escape from this problem of energy shortages. And after all, we will get in touch with businesses, because business is the most important thing when we collaborate with universities, because without money and without the business idea we cannot solve this problem. So, we’re going to transfer education about Science Technology Education and Mathematics (STEM), all of it, to Tajikistan and I hope that in the summer of 2017 they will have lit up the library.

The library is only one part of the village, but I believe that the students, with our knowledge, will get to know how to create the future of Tajikistan with energy development. And I also believe that with their ideas, they will be sure that they can create real change. This is the pilot project, but by the year 2020 I hope to create a full organization of the project that transfers knowledge about STEM to developing countries, because with transfer of education we can solve the real problems that affect people’s life. Education is the most important thing in developing countries, to help them be well-developed countries in the future.

For me, as a student, the most important thing in my education is that it can have a real impact on other people’s life. That is why I decided to study Energy Engineering, because without power we cannot have a good future, everything depends on electricity. So, after this project, I believe that students who took part in it will have the idea that they can really change the world for a better future. I want to end my speech with the words that we cannot help everyone but everyone can help others, and I think that this is the time when we can really make a better world in the future. Thank you

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