Betsee Parker - USA

Dr Betsee Parker

Thank you everyone. Again, it is a real blessing and a pleasure to be here with all of you again this morning. Despite that we all just lived out that Taylor Swift song, that I know you all know, “Shake it off, shake it off!”

I was brief last night and I will be even briefer this morning, because there is much to be done and little time in which those things can be accomplished. But just to say that I am an honoured, blessed member to be working with the Vatican, in this great moment in time, this exciting moment in all our lives. It must seem to all of you in this room that my generation and the generations before mine really mucked up this place for all of you. And, here we are, with this big mess in front of us and what are we going to do? What are we going to do?

It is the task of all of you, in the next two days in this Symposium at the Vatican, to come up with some possible solutions for those problems, because we have raised our level of awareness, about what our world is about now, what is really happening to us all. We are in the eleventh hour, it is time for us to act, not just to be educated and learn. We have raised our consciousness and once we raise our consciousness it means we have become enlightened, we have been visited by the Holy Spirit, by our Spirit leader, by the one that has created all of us from our many traditions in this room. So it is my hope and my prayer from my tradition, which is the Episcopal Church in America, the daughter of the Anglican Church in England, that all of you will not miss out on this opportunity in this place, not only to remember your moment here, no matter what the outcome is for you and your ideas, but that you might just be sitting next to or across from someone who can really help you advance the idea that you have in this place. This is a seed meeting, this is a first meeting, this is a beginning.

So, I hope you all will help to create that beginning, just as you have been created at this moment in time and bring that beginning forward because that all depends upon you. So do not miss the opportunity to network, meet people, to mix and, most of all, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Believe me, I have asked many stupid questions in my life and I do not pretend to come to this forum as an expert. I am not an expert on anything except that I know that you are experts and can be. And I thank my Creator God for all of you here today. Thank you.  

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